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The last of the summer episodes. Jonathan is joined by a number of his family members for this conversation about rest, sabbath, and taking a break. Full show notes can be found on the blog. Thanks for listening and don't forget to rate the show on itunes!

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Jonathan is joined by Felipe Candelaria and Elisai Echevarria to discuss the Holy Spirit and all that stuff. While he recorded this in Wisconson do not fret, he is no longer there. Show notes can be found on the blog. Thanks for listening!

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Guest Host Andy Arndt joins Jonathan in a conversation about forgiveness and inclusion and trying to be Christian. See show notes on the blog page.

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Fr. Jakob Thibault once again joins Jonathan as they talk about saints, who they are, and how they get that way. You can find all of the show notes on the follow link. Thanks for listening and don't forget to rate the show on itunes!

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Guest Host Linda Forsberg, pastor of First Lutheran Church in East Greenwich, RI joins Jonathan as they talk about prayer. Show notes can be found at the blog. Thanks for listening and dont forget to rate the show on iTunes. Comments can be sent to

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Improve! Scripture! Chaos? The Rev. Tom Wiles of the American Baptist Churches of Rhode Island joins Jonathan for this epsiode about the Bible and interpretation. Show notes can be found at the blog. Thanks for listening!

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Jonathan is joined by Father Anthony Perkins the pastor of St. Michaels Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Woonsocket, RI. They discuss the incarnation in all its complexity. Full show notes can be found on the blog.

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Jonathan is joined by the Rev. Paul Robeson Ford of Union Baptist Church in Cambridge, MA. They discuss education, Foucault, a passage from Job, and the NBA playoffs (among other things). See full notes on the blog. Thanks for listening. Send you comments to

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Season 5, Episode 1

Rabbi Amy Levin is back? Someone told her that she had a chance helping Jonathan, bringing him to a place of sanity. As you can tell from this episode he is far from being helped. They are talking about tradition/history as an identifier. In other words, musing over the notion that our past informs who we are as individuals and as a people. Now remember that Christianity is still a fairly new religion (especially standing next to Judaism) and does not have the same depth and richness that Judaism offers in terms of history and story; we have much to learn. Yet it is not only the history but how one understands it, tells it, and interprets it that guides someone in gaining a sense of identity. Listen for a good, engaging conversation.


Rialage: the movie Noah (actually a lot of Christian’s reactions to the movie) and the excessive amount that people spend on wedding, bah mitzvah, bat mitzvahs, etc. Pay your clergy more!


Scripture: Isaiah 50:4-9 – listen for the collective eye-roll at one more Christian’s attempt to link Isaiah to Jesus.


Into: Blue Jasmine and Passover – one is a little older than the other but both are good and valuable.


As always please leave your comments and ratings on iTunes or e-mail at

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For this final episode of season 4 (and yes, we were renewed, so do not fret) Jonathan has something brilliant and insightful prepared, but Darin derails the whole thing. Instead Darin shares about his moment of twitter evangelization (twivangelization?). But first the railage – they are both angry about World Vision but they say Church World Service. Apologies to Church World Service, we are really mad about the spineless people at World Vision. World Vision, World Vision, World Vision!


Main Topic – Darin has a lengthy number of 140 character chats with someone who does not believe in God and does not believe that those who believe in God can and should believe in having an open mind. Well.. not really, but we don’t want to give it away.


Scripture – John 18:37-38 (read the whole chapter, but take that moment to enjoy that moment about truth and all that)


Into – Darin is listening to “Shovels and Rope” for a folky good time and Jonathan is reading The Good Lord Bird by James McBride


Thanks for listening and for rating us/leaving comments on itunes!

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